Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism to Ukraine:

Why Ukraine?

Because during the last 10-20 years private medical establishments there have proven to be equal to European level, and the costs are 70% less for any treatments and operations than Europe, UK or USA. The standard of private healthcare in Ukraine is very high and there is no waiting time or referrals needed for medical tourists.

For your confidence and our reputation in Ukraine we work only with the best clinics and doctors, like the famous Swedish clinic which replaces knees etc. and an internationally respected neurosurgeon who trained in the UK and his team who perform the most delicate operations on brains and spines, etc. with huge success. Also private cancer clinics which have a very high reputation for their accurate diagnostics and operations.

People are coming from many other countries especially Canada, USA, Israel, Europe and UK and even Kazakhstan to Ukraine for Medical Tourism. As the quality of surgery and treatments are very high and the  technology quite often even exceeds technology in Europe or UK.

Dentists and plastic surgeons are very commonly used in Ukraine as the beauty industry is booming there. Also it is known for its ophthalmology, vitro fertilisation, stem cell therapy and other treatments.

Ukraine has the latest procedures for the cure of glaucoma, cataracts and high degrees of myopia.

Ukraine is also one of the rare countries that supports international surrogacy, providing Ukrainian surrogate mothers and egg donation services at a fraction of the cost of elsewhere in Europe and with very short waiting lists.

While much of Ukraine’s infrastructure is still recovering from its Soviet past, one area where Ukraine has excelled is in the provision of private medical facilities. Today’s healthcare tourist can expect the highest standards of equipment and expertise, as Ukraine aims to attract new wealth from Russia and across Europe.

Why choose us?

  We guarantee confidentiality
  We have experience and knowledge of the best clinics and doctors in Ukraine
  Complete medical tourism packages tailored specially for your needs.
  Best clinics, analysis, highly qualified and dedicated doctors and surgeons
  No waiting lists or referrals
  English speaking doctors and/or translators
  All analysis and recommendations translated into English
  Wide range of medical analysis and procedures
  Safe and best quality medical services by European standards
  High quality of care for each customer
  Support 24/7 - you will have your own representative who speaks English for any of your needs
  Quick medical examination with same day analysis
  The latest technology and treatment methods
  Low cost frequent flights (only 3h. 20 min. from Gatwick for example)
  Huge savings on all procedures of up to 70 % compared to EU, UK or even more for the USA.

Name of Surgery USA United Kingdom Europe Ukraine
Knee replacement £39,900 £12,750 £6,500 £2,750
Microdiscectomy £16,000 £12,500 £9,000 £3,250
Lumpectomy £9,750 £6,000 £4,750 £1,250
Breast augmentation £3,200 £5,000 £3,200 £1,950
Gall bladder surgery £12,000 £6,375 £2,400 £1,250
Prostate resection £7,750 £6,050 £3,600 £1,400
Varicose vein treatment
for 2 legs
£5,750 £5,025 £3,200 £1,800

This is not a full list of procedures, please contact us for full details on any procedure you require.
Please note, that prices in USA, UK and Europe in most cases include only operation fees, not analysis or doctors consultations.

Prices in Ukraine for a package include doctors and surgeon consultations, operation fees, theatre and hospital fees and all necessary analysis before and after operation. Also all medication which will be used during the operation, anaesthetist fees and the necessary drugs. There are no hidden costs in Ukraine.

Our customers should know that all surgery will be performed with modern equipment and the latest anaesthetic drugs will be used for excellent performance and for your comfort. The least invasive methods will be used and cosmetic stitches will be applied. Here are some methods of surgeries: arthroscopic, hysteroscopic, laparoscopic, radiosurgery, and laser surgery. After surgery patients can go home after a couple of hours or stay in a private hospital 1-3 days depending on the type of surgery.

Here is the list of surgery which you can order from us: plastic and reconstructive, general like breast, liver, vascular and intestine, cardiothoracic surgery, orthopaedic, traumatology, gynaecological, urological, neurosurgery etc.
Special times and dates can be arranged for your convenience.


Here is a list of doctors and services:

Aesthetic Medicine, Allergy Immunology, Alternative Medicine, Andrology
Dental, Dermatology, any Diagnostics
Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics
Nephrology, Neurology
Paediatrics, Plastics Surgery
Fertility test
  Cardio & Vascular, Cosmetic Surgery
Ear, Nose & Throat – ENT, Endocrinology
Gastroenterology, General Surgery
Radiology, Rehabilitation
Weight Loss & Bariatric
Mental Health

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