FAQs - Medical Tourism

What kind of healthcare do medical tourists obtain?

A myriad of options exist for medical tourists - from purely elective procedures such as face lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, dental crowns, to more serious procedures such as joint replacements, spinal disc replacements, hysterectomies, and cardiac bypass surgery - medical tourists can now obtain many types of the highest technological procedures in Ukraine for a fraction of the cost that they would face in their home countries.

What happens if something goes wrong?

The chances are very low that something will go wrong as the level of care and technology is excellent in Ukraine. It is unlikely that some medical error will occur because the doctors take extra care and time for foreign patients. They have a huge incentive to insure that you are safe and satisfied during every phase of your medical retreat. Of course there are still no guarantees when undergoing surgery, whether in your home country or in Ukraine.

Is cost the most important factor that I should consider?

No, but cost is certainly one of the factors to consider when seeking medical care. Surgery is a risky procedure, regardless where it is performed and should be taken very seriously and discussed with your family. If you are serious about surgery and medical attention in Ukraine, we will book you in with the highest quality doctors, hospitals or clinics to perform the procedure.

What is the typical cost difference to medical procedures abroad?

The difference in price depends upon the medical procedure you choose. In reviewing the cost of many procedures in the US or UK against the same ones performed in Ukraine they are typically 50-80% lower. The greatest cost saving is found in cardiac procedures (75-90% lower fees outside of the United States). If you have received quotes in the US for $10,000, you can expect the same procedure to cost from $2,000. This significant cost reduction enables you purchase a round trip air ticket, recover in a beautiful hotel and return home saving money and time.

How can I trust the quality of the Ukraine doctors?

Because we work only with the best doctors and hospitals for our security and for your wellbeing. Doctors in Ukraine continue their Professional Development on a regular basis in Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, Austria and France. Some were even trained in the UK and Germany.

How can I communicate with a doctor in Ukraine?

As part of our medical tourism service, we help facilitate the initial consultation between you and the doctor with our English speaking agents who will go to each doctor and hospital with you and translate. Many of the doctors speak English themselves. But for your comfort you will have an agent with you and all analyses and prescriptions will be translated into English so you can understand them for the future if required. All personal data will be protected, so we promise anonymity.

Are the hospitals safe?

We can assure you that we are working with only highly reputable hospitals and doctors in Ukraine.  We have visited these facilities personally and can attest to their standards of hygiene, modernity and technology.

Why have we selected Ukraine for Medical Tourism?

There are many countries around the world that provide medical care at a fraction of the cost of your own country but we chose Ukraine because the owner of our business is originally from Ukraine, and now that she is a British citizen she understands the urgent need of so many people for immediate quality care, at very realistic prices, as she has been in a health business for more than 10 years. But she also knows from experience the high quality of medical procedures and analyses that are performed in Ukraine. The cost savings are also a major factor. Many Ukrainians, who now live abroad (and who have changed nationalities) travel back to Ukraine on a regular basis for their dentistry and medical care because of the quality, low cost and immediate attention to their needs. Private medical hospitals are constantly updating their equipment.

What if I don’t find the procedure that I am needing on your website?

If you are interested in or require a certain procedure that is not listed on our website, please contact us so that we may assist you. Our network covers a wide spectrum of medical procedures, from the least invasive to the most advanced.

What if my family doctor advises against a medical procedure in Ukraine?

Such advice is to be expected as western doctors like to protect their ways of teaching and abide by the strict NHS guidelines. Clients of ours have already shown their own GP the impressive and speedy results; and we have only experienced success and satisfaction. This sceptical reaction is unfounded although understandable as they can give you no guarantees. The decision can only be made by common sense and from the urgency to resolve your medical condition.

How can it be safe to travel so far after a surgical procedure?

Your travel plans will be entirely dictated by the surgical procedure you select. Once you select a procedure, we inform you about the recommended recuperation time required before return travel.

How do I know RapidHealthCare4U is an ethical company?

Because our aim at RapidHealthCare4U is to help you when you most need it. Our long term objective is to be the leading Medical Tourism Company in the world. We deliver you to the door of the best hospital, doctor, specialist or clinic that we believe suits your needs for the safest and most satisfactory results for your health. We act with integrity, and in the best interest of our customers. Also our aim is for positive feedback so that our customers feel happy to recommend us to their friends and family.

How long will I have to remain in the destination after my procedure?

It depends on your selected procedure. In most cases the required length of stay in your destination will be between 3 days to 3 weeks. Your surgeon will advise you on the length of stay in the hospital and destination in your initial pre-travel quotation.
Prior the departure from your country, you will be given 3 contact numbers. These contacts include a doctor in Ukraine (who is our main agent), the owner and director of RapidHealthCare4U, and a secretary, they are all English speaking. In some cases you will receive a cell phone to use through the duration of your medical treatment. This cell phone will be programmed with all the pertinent phone numbers that you will need.

If I bring a relative or friend, will there be an additional charge?

We encourage our clients to bring a companion along with them. They can stay in the same hotel room at a small additional charge. Also your companion will incur an additional flight cost and other travel essentials.

Can I make my own flight arrangements or hotel?

Yes. You can make your arrangements for flights or hotel/apartment. But please contact us before you book we can recommend you an area where you should stay for your and our convenience. Either way we can recommend flats/hotels and can even book for you.


 FAQs - Sevices in U.K.

Is it safe to use Oberon Diagnostic Technology? Does it have radiation like an X-Ray?

Oberon diagnostic technology is bio-resonance diagnostic technology and does not produce any radiation like an X-Ray. It's a hardware-software complex, designed to analyse the state of physiological and organic structures of a patient, by means of electromagnetic readings from various organs and cells. So yes, it is perfectly safe to use.

My son is only 11 years old, but he has some stomach problems, is it possible to do a test for him?

Yes, it is possible, before the test the procedure would be to remove everything metal from his pockets and sit calmly on a chair and we will put on headphones to scan his body. For a full body check up it will take up to 30-40 minutes complete with analysis. For a specific area from 5-10 minutes.

Can this type of diagnostics identify bacteria or candida in your body?

Yes, this type of diagnostics can identify bacteria, parasites, viruses and fungal infection.

Does this method of diagnostics scan reproductive organs? Can it see early signs of prostate problems?

Yes, Oberon technology can see early stages of prostate problems and can scan reproductive organs in a short space of time without any unpleasant or invasive procedure.

Sometimes I have a pain in my breasts. Can it scan them to see if there is any problem?

Yes, it can. It will scan the breasts and it can show if you have any current problems or any potential problems in the future.

I would like to know about my level of nutrients in my body, because maybe I need some protein and calcium or some other vitamins. Can it determine that?

Yes, it can. After the scan our Health Consultant will let you know which nutrients you are lacking and might recommend some natural supplements as a low level of nutrients can lead to many diseases.

After the test can I take my analysis to my GP and show it to him in case I need some further assistance?

You can take the analysis with you after the test but remember this method of diagnostics is classified as alternative medicine and your GP may not acknowledge it as they don’t normally deal with alternative medicine. You can take it to another alternative practitioner like a homeopath for some advice. Our Health Consultant will be able to recommend you natural supplements and in most cases a diet for recovery.

My son is disabled and it is very hard for him to travel. Is it possible for you to come and visit him at his home with your diagnostic technology?

Yes, in some cases our Health Consultant will be able to come to people who find it difficult to travel to the clinics but a very reasonable travel charge will be applied depending on distance.

What do I need to do before I do the test?

Before the test we recommend not to eat for 2 hours. And drink still water on an empty stomach.

I am a very heavy smoker. Can I see the state of my lungs as I cough a lot?

Yes, you will be able to see the state of your respiratory system and our Health Consultant will be able to recommend natural supplements to help clean it, as it could lead to serious problems in the future.

Most of the time I feel good. Do I need to do a full body check up?

If you have a healthy diet and active lifestyle we would recommend you to do a full body check up once a year.  Then you can be sure about what you should do to remain healthy in the longer term.

I have been vegetarian for a long time but am still a bit of overweight. Can this type of diagnostic test show what causes it?

Yes, after the test our Health Consultant will be able to tell you, as each case is individual and she will be able to identify why, as there might be a number of reasons.

Could this type of diagnostic be paid by my health insurance?

In most cases it could be paid by your health insurance. But first you need to clarify it with your insurer to avoid any misunderstandings.

I have pains in my joints. Can this diagnostic system show what the problem might be?

Yes, of course. This diagnostic can see if there is any acid problem or lack of nutrients or even the possibility of parasite infection which can cause pain and inflammation. After the diagnostic our health consultant will help you to choose natural supplements and healthy diet to improve joints.

I have had skin problems for many years. It’s like eczema and it itches most of the time. I think it might be an allergy from tomatoes or oranges but I’m not sure. Can this test find what causes it?

Yes, this test can help you to identify what causes it. It might be fungal or other type of infection and it is better if you do the test to see what exactly causes it and our Health Consultant can recommend some natural supplements and a diet to clean the body and to strengthen your immune system in order for you to be able to remain healthy.

What does a Nutritional Therapy consultation involve?

Initially I will ask a client a detailed set of questions related to their health and lifestyle to help me establish likely inbalances in their nutritional balance such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This will then help me to develop and varied diet focusing on what they may be lacking, and also if necessary to advise what to supplement with. We will look at existing health conditions, and also establish what may have not been diagnosed already by using Oberon Bioresonance Technology.

Will I have to stop medications?

No a Nutritional Therapist will not advice you to stop any existing prescribed medications, but may advise you to take necessary vitamins or minerals, most likely confirming if the client wishes, but requesting the relevant blood or saliva tests privately and helping to interpret the results with the client.

My doctor says I am fine, will a Nutritional Therapist help me find out what is wrong with me?

There are many conditions, often ‘invisible’ to a medical practitioner, which an alternative practitioner may be able to help you with. These conditions often may be Chronic and/or Autoimmune.

How many consultation appointments will I need to make?

Usually a course of appointments is advised, but even one consultation will be beneficial depending on how sick a person is and how motivated they are to help themselves by improving their lifestyle and following advice.

Will I have to take more tablets and pills?

Not necessarily, it may be that you can make considerable improvements in your diet, but most supplements are very affordable and don’t have to be taken for ever.



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