Cancer signs and symptoms


Cancer signs and symptoms

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases. Actually, it is a group of various diseases that includes more than 200 different cancers. It is very hard to determine its causes and to diagnose cancer in its initial stage is very important towards finding a cure.
What are the main signs and symptoms of cancer? It is quite hard to answer this question because of two main reasons. Firstly, when cancer begins it usually is asymptomatic or has non-specific symptoms, therefore it is very easy to mistake cancer for other conditions. Cancer is sometimes called “the great imitator” because it can be easily confused with a number of different diseases.
Secondly, as it has already been mentioned above, there are about 200 hundred types of cancer. Each of these types develops in a particular organ or system of organs and has its own specific signs and symptoms. That is why it is very hard to single out the typical symptoms of cancer in general. We can only talk about the specific symptoms of specific types of cancer.
But nevertheless let us try to point out typical symptoms of cancer. There are two major groups of symptoms. Systemic (general) symptoms do not depend on the location of the tumour. Local symptoms, in their turn, are related to direct or metastatic spread of the disease and depend on the location of the tumour.
To systemic symptoms of cancer we refer to fever (some cancers can cause a persistent fever of unknown origin), unexplained weight loss, unexplained excessive fatigue or tiredness, unexplained changes to the skin (unusual texture, rash). You can see that all these symptoms are non-specific; people can get excessively tired or lose weight for many different reasons.
Local signs and symptoms depend on a specific type of cancer. For example lung cancer may cause persistent hoarseness or cough, or pneumonia because of the bronchus blockage. People with oesophageal cancer may find it painful or just difficult to swallow because of narrowing of the esophagus caused by the tumour. Ulceration may cause abnormal bleeding, and the source of bleeding will indicate the location of the tumour.

But local cancer symptoms still are non-specific: almost each of these symptoms may be caused by other diseases. Therefore many people are misdiagnosed and treated for other diseases before they are diagnosed with cancer. And sometimes the right diagnosis comes too late.

That is why cancer is so dangerous: it is very hard to diagnose at early stages.
Many people avoid full body check up because they are scared to find out the state of their health. But let us remind you that the earlier you have a health check the better. Many things are known as the risk factors that can increase the risk of cancer.
Therefore it is high time to take responsibility for your own health and find some time for a full body check up.
The Oberon Diagnostic Technology allows to scan all organs and systems of your body. The whole procedure is non-invasive and painless, it has no side effects and causes no unpleasant sensations. Be responsible and take care of your health: finding some time for a full body check up might save your life.

* Please note Health-Scan take no responsibility for any inaccuracies in diagnosis and make no claims about any results of any diagnosis as this method of diagnostic is classified as alternative therapy and medicine.

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