Why water is so important for our health?


Why water is so important for our health?

The basis of good health is to be able to understand the biological benefits of drinking quality water. One of the reasons that we become sick is due to the poor quality of water that we drink throughout our lives; it does not meet the needs of our bodies. As a result, we are rapidly losing our water reserves. When the body is 70 years old it loses 20-30% of water, and acidification of body tissue occurs, leading to disease and ageing. Tap water is chlorinated. Chlorine is a dangerous gas that damages all living things. Even boiled water is not neutralized, it merely puts in salt which is more harmful. Chlorine breaks down the immune system.
The result of poor water quality in the body is deep metabolism at cellular lever. It sharply reduces the supply of nutrients to each cell so waste and toxins do not get excreted from the body. Only water can protect our body from dirty ecological food and toxins, because when we drink it cleans out all toxins from our body. If you don’t know enough about water you can take 2 risks: lack of water, and bad water quality (hepatitis A, salmonella, etc). As a result, you can then get sick from some kind of bad or serious disease.

Symptoms of dehydration are: Dry mouth, dry coughs, thick sputum, tiredness, high blood pressure, bad circulation, infrequent urination (notice a sharp smell), heartburn during a meal, rashes, lack of sleep, nightmares, sharp smell of sweat, desire to drink during a meal, runny nose, nausea and a bitter taste in the mouth after a fatty meal, hyperacidity, liver sand and stones, sand salt and stones in the kidneys and gall bladder, decreased skin tone (wrinkles and lines appear), dry skin, dry hair, dry cracking nails, creaking and salt in the joints, deformation and splinters in cartilages and in the spinal cord and disks, and intervertebral osteochondrosis. There are 3 reasons why people suffer from arthritis: lack of water, bacteria and lack of minerals. Other symptoms include a high temperature and all kinds of intoxication and poisoning.

Diseases from dehydration: Diabetes, heart disease (dehydration and hemoconcentration), atherosclerosis (fatty, thick blood viscosity, lack of water), all kind of raising of hemoglobin, when hemoglobin is more than 130 it’s a disease of dehydration, cataracts (dehydration of lens), age related long sight (all people who have glasses with +after 45 years old – from dehydration of the lens), ischemic stroke (spasm of vessels) is caused from lack of water and so blood clots appear. Allergies are caused by lack of water, too much protein, and lack of enzymes. Other diseases include enzymopathy, bronchial asthma, depresion, senile dementia (intoxication and dehydration of the brain).

These are the degrees of dehydration:

1%     you become thirsty
2%     you develop anxiety
4%     nausea, dizziness and fatigue can set in
6%     loss of coordination and speech
10%   thermo regulation and cells start dying
11%   the body is undergoing major changes and needs professional medical care
20%   death may occur

Nearly all diseases are connected to dehydration. Dehydration is dangerous to your health. Life without water is impossible.
Daily use of water restores activity in the organs and body system, because our bodies consist of 70-80% water.

Drinking regularly water helps reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. It prevents the development of arthritis by restoring the normal structure of bone and cartilage. Improves blood flow to the central nervous system, normalizing b.p. and blood sugar level. Helps restore the digestive system. Increases oxygen in the blood. Sees an increase in activity and connectivity in the muscles. Sufficient amount of water in our body gives us healing potential and giving us energy and strength. Helps cleanse the kidneys, digestive system, liver and all other organs. Has a beneficial effect on the immune system. Gives the body the important micro elements.
Imagine a person, who starts to drink water and after a few days he’s sleeping better, after a week or two his stomach starts to work like clockwork, after a further couple of weeks his blood starts to become normal.

“Humans are what they drink” - Henry Coanda.

Remember to give still water to children and older people on a regular basis. This will keep them healthy.

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