Welcome to our Health-Scan website!


Welcome to our Health Scan website!


More and more people today are choosing to take greater responsibility for their own health rather than relying on the doctor when something goes wrong. We now recognise that we can influence our health by making an improvement in lifestyle; a better diet, more exercise and reduced stress. 
People are also becoming increasingly aware that there are other healing methods some new, others very ancient that can help to prevent illness or be complimentary to orthodox medicine.
Get a full body check up now and understand where any potential problems may lie. The Oberon Technology produces an accurate diagnostic of all the balances in your body in about 40 minutes, then our Health Consultant will analyse and print the results and recommend an individual recovery program with natural supplements and a healthy diet.
Save your health with a regular preventative check, sit comfortably in a chair and watch the results in real time on the computer screen. This type of diagnostic has proven 82% accurate whereas it is only 17% with your GP, X-Ray 40% and Ultra-Sound 73%. It can detect early signs of more sinister diseases. There are no side effects or unpleasant procedures during or after the test. Our Health Consultant could be available with early notice on evenings or weekends by appointment. 

Benefits from Bio-Resonance Health Diagnostic

   An answer to all your health queries
• Check for viruses, worms, bacteria and fungi (candida) infections
• Check blood cells , cardiovascular system and cholesterol
• Check all organs and systems
• Check for level of nutrition.
• Check allergies and skin condition
• Check the endocrine and digestive system
• Check respiratory system
• Check joints and bone condition
• Check lymphatic system
• Check kidneys and adrenal glands
• Check liver and gall bladder
• Does the work of 40 doctors in 40 minutes
• Unique service by qualified Health Consultant
• Save your health, money and time

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