About Bio-Resonance Diagnostic Technology


About Bio-Resonance Diagnostic Technology

The OBERON Bio-Resonance diagnostic testing equipment:

• Makes an accurate diagnosis of all organs and systems in your body.
• Provides a list of diseases at risk of developing. The initial changes are shown at cellular level
• Provides a list of viruses, bacteria, etc., present in the body.
• Provides printable colour images of the affected areas, including at cellular and chromosomal level.
• Provides a list of allergies, harmful to the patient.
• Selects the most effective treatment.
• Can give instant treatment of any disease and provide joint pain relief with the help of Meta therapy.

The hardware of the Oberon:

• Produces multivariate analysis of organs and body systems.
• Identifies any disease present in the body and identifies causes of its occurrence.
• Detects any disease at an early stage.
• Assesses the biological activity of micro-organisms.
• Provides non-invasive (no radiation or physical intrusion) method of biochemically analysing blood and micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.)
• Analyses hereditary predispositions.
• Identifies allergies and their causes.
• Characterises changes in any organ, physical or organic.
• Defines the acid/alkaline balance in tissue.
• Gives recommendations on diet, taking into account your blood group.
• Will select individual treatments and determines the correct dose of natural supplements.
• Can be helpful with weight problems.

A full body check up with the latest diagnostic technology. Oberon diagnostic technology is designed for scanning the human body. It operates on the Bio-Resonance principle, which has been in common use throughout the Eastern Block, China, Europe, USA for more than 12 years, and now in the UK. It determines causes of any potential and existing diseases with great accuracy.

How it works:   Watch Video

Each process occurring in the body, or each part of the body has its own individual specific electromagnetic property. These characteristics will be captured and measured by laser frequency (called Bio Resonance) and compared automatically with the graph of the recommended norm, because when diseased they change their frequency. Studies have proven that the device picks up the individual frequencies of the many electromagnetic pulses of all the different parts of the body. These pulses are read from the brain by laser frequency through earphones placed on the patient’s head. The process has no harmful effects at all. Any pathological changes and every deviation from the norm, determined by a panel of expert physicians, provide a strictly defined energy spectrum. This phenomenon of Bio Resonance closely resembles the way bar codes define different products in supermarkets. So the “body” bar code is shown by the electromagnetic spectrum produced by any changes in every part of the body. Training courses can be arranged.

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