Asymptomatic diseases


Asymptomatic diseases

There is a group of diseases that are called asymptomatic. A person may be a carrier of an infection or a disease but not experience any noticeable symptoms. Asymptomatic infections are also referred to as subclinical infections, or clinically silent infections.
Why are asymptomatic diseases dangerous? Basically, the answer is quite obvious: when you have an asymptomatic disease, you do not know that you have a medical condition that needs to be cured. If you do not undergo proper treatment, you may experience subsequent medical problems.
Some asymptomatic diseases can weaken your immune system and make you vulnerable to other diseases. In fact, you will have to deal with two diseases instead of one.
When a subclinical infection is not noticed by the infected individual, it is dangerous not only for him but also for people around him: the affected person acts as a carrier of infection unknowingly spreading it to other people.
Asymptomatic infections are especially dangerous for certain groups of people, for example, pregnant women. If not treated properly, some infectious diseases may lead to congenital disorders, preterm delivery or miscarriage.
Many diseases are asymptomatic at an early stage: symptoms begin to develop and become obvious in the course of time. Many serious diseases (such as some forms of cancer) remain asymptomatic for a notably long period of time: sometimes the symptoms reveal themselves when it is too late.

The only way to discover an asymptomatic condition is to undergo medical tests. But there is one problem: there are a lot of medical tests, how can you know which one is required in your case if you are not even sure that you really have a disease?

This leads us to the conclusion that everyone needs to undergo a full medical examination at least once a year. But such an examination will take a lot of time and money. Besides, many procedures are quite unpleasant. So the idea of undergoing a complete medical check-up can hardly be exciting.

But we are happy to inform you that there is a way out. With the Oberon Diagnostic Technology you can have a full body check up in about 40 minutes. The procedure will cause no unpleasant sensations at all: it is completely painless, non-invasive and cost effective.
A full body check up consists of scanning all organs and systems of the human body. It allows to detect asymptomatic diseases at an early stage. And if any medical condition is discovered during the full body check up, you will not have to deal with it on your own: our Health Consultant will analyse the results of your check-up, discuss them with you and suggest a recovery program with natural supplements and a healthy diet.
Good health is a real treasure. Take care of your and your family health by having a preventative full body check up on a yearly basis with Health Scan.

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