Why is a regular full body check up so important?


Why is a regular full body check up so important?

Our daily life is enormously stressful. Most of us live under constant pressure: so many things to do and so little time. No wonder that we do not take proper care of our health and forget that it is much easier to prevent an illness than to cure it.
Do your regular full body check up with the latest diagnostic Technology "Oberon". It has a proven 82% accuracy compared to traditional methods of diagnostics.

People can fall ill irrespective of their medical history or age. Even if we feel well it does not mean that we really are well. It may take some time for the symptoms of a disease to become apparent. A full body check up can help to detect any disease as early as possible. And the earlier you get proper treatment, the earlier you recover.
Everyone needs a full body check up at least once a year; in many countries regular preventive health examinations are a routine procedure. Why is a regular preventive check so important? Here are some reasons.

A person can consider themselves absolutely healthy but he or she can never know for sure. Many kinds of cancer, endocrine and cardiovascular diseases could remain unnoticed until it is too late. For example, if one does not pay attention to arterial hypertension one might eventually end up with a heart attack or a stroke.
Sometimes we even notice some symptoms but prefer to ignore them or take a pill hoping that it will help.
One example. Let us start with a simple headache. You can hardly find a person who has never had a headache. But do you know that a headache can be a symptom of a considerable number of various conditions? Sometimes it is harmless, and sometimes it may be a sign of a serious health disorder.
Headache and other non-specific symptoms (such as fatigue) should never be ignored because they do not indicate a specific disease process. Therefore you can never know what exactly these symptoms are caused by until you get examined.

There are some symptoms indicating that a person should have a full body check up as soon as possible. Actually, the list of disturbing symptoms is quite long, let us list some of them:

•    decreased visual and hearing accuracy;
•    sallow skin, rash and other dermatological symptoms;
•    halitosis;
•    constant hyperhidrosis;
•    nausea, lingering appetite loss;
•    lacrimation, red eye, eyelid swelling;
•    brittle hair, hair loss;
•    sleeplessness, apathy, chronic fatigue;
•    constant excitement, irritability and other changes in character.

Health is a priceless treasure. It is the major condition and guarantee for a fully-fledged and happy life. Everyone should take responsibility for their own health, and a full body check up is one of the most important steps to being healthy.
However, most of us do not have enough free time to spend at a clinic being examined. How to fit in a health examination into our tight schedule? The Oberon Diagnostic Technology is able to provide a full body check up in about 40 minutes. It will scan your whole body and detect early signs of potential and existing health problems.

This is a perfect solution for you and your family.

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