Nutritional Therapy


Nutritional Therapy
The basis of Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the application of the science of nutrition in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. Our Nutritional Therapist uses a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understands how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. This approach allows her to work with individuals to address their nutritional balance and help support their body towards maintaining good health. Nutritional therapy is recognised as a complementary medicine and is relevant for individuals with chronic conditions, as well as those looking for support to improve their health and wellbeing.

Did you know that many people are suffering from Malnutrition in England and America despite not being underweight? There can be many reasons for this including not enough nutrients in our diet, but also chronic health conditions leading to malabsorption in the intestines.
Also as we age we find it harder to extract the nutrients we need from our foods, sometimes we may need to supplement these nutrients to assist our body. By performing a Nutritional Assessment the Therapist can:

 Detect probable nutrient deficiencies and genetic Methylation issues, Malabsorption, Bacterial Overgrowth and IBS.
 Work with any existing diagnosed health conditions to help improve your health.
 Formulate personalised dietary strategies and food plans to help them.
 Assess your antioxidant capacity and suggest nutritional recommendations to increase your antioxidant protection.

Our Nutritional Therapist considers each individual to be unique and recommends personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

She never recommends nutritional therapy as a replacement for medical advice, and may work with a client who has chronic health problems that with conventional medicine may be difficult to treat or with an individual who is interested in improving their health through individual diet programme and natural supplements, in order to alleviate, or prevent illness and promote strong health.

Conditions which can be helped by Nutritional Therapy:


Weight Gain Food allergies Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Acne Psoriasis Eczema
Arthritis PCOS Premenstrual Syndrome
Endometriosis Menopause Heavy, irregular or painful periods
Infertility Depression Cardiovascular Disease
Fatigue Stress Headaches
Migraine Osteoporosis Mood swings
Asthma Addictions Bloating and flatulence
Eating disorders Gout Underactive thyroid
Insomnia Hyperactivity High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol Food cravings Candida (Thrush)

Nutritional Therapy can support couples looking to optimise their fertility through pre-conceptual planning, athletes wanting to optimise their performance, and individuals interested in ensuring that their nutritional status is as good as it could be. It is suitable for adults or children.
Our Nutritional Therapist has access to a wide range of functional tests to determine underlying conditions such as: hormonal imbalance, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, digestive disorders, food allergies and nutrient status.

What does a nutritional therapy session typically involve?

An initial consultation typically lasts 45-60 minutes, and in this time our Nutritional Therapist will asks detailed questions about current health concerns, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, medical history, family history, lifestyle, levels of physical activity, use of medication and supplements and diet. Then the Nutritional Therapist will evaluate individual needs and will use the extensive evidence base for nutritional science and will develop a personalised, safe and effective nutrition and lifestyle programme.
Follow up consultations are generally after four weeks in order to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments. Further follow-ups may be required depending on each individual situation.

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Initial consultation is for 45 minutes, and costs £40.00. Follow up appointments to assess progress take 30 minutes and are £30.00 

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