About Us

 Maria Faure - Health Consultant & Medical Tourism

Maria Faure is originally from Ukraine and has been in the Health business there and the UK for over 10 years. She is a qualified Health Consultant who learnt her skills in Russia and Ukraine. Now as a British Citizen she understands how hard it is to get urgent medical attention with lengthy referrals. Often the NHS cannot provide this and going privately could cost too much. Some health insurances will not cover the full amount.

It can be really frustrating to get the attention of the UK’s overworked doctors who are allowed only 10 minutes per patient and they are very limited by NHS regulations. Sometimes people need to wait up to 3 weeks just for a GP appointment prior to any specialist referrals. After that queues for referrals and operations can be as long as 6-18 months. This wait can be very painful and very dangerous for most people’s health.

It’s obvious that all healthcare in the UK has become over-burdened and difficult for people to make quick choices regarding their health.

Currently working privately as a Health Consultant in the UK she sees many customers who need further medical attention or urgent operations and she came up with the solution to take them to Ukraine as she has excellent connections there with private doctors, clinics and hospitals.

As she knows from experience the standards of medical care and technology is superior to the UK. No referrals needed, and at any time urgent medical attention is available. Quick scans and analysis are done the same day for any medical decisions.

Savings up to 75% are available for any medical and cosmetic procedures as well as urgent operations. Flying time from the UK to Ukraine is only 3 hours 20 minutes, which is very convenient. So for your medical needs Medical Tourism to Ukraine services is now available with Maria Faure.