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    New services are now available with Health-scan!

    Medical Tourism to Ukraine is now available with Health-Scan.

    Highest quality urgent and planned medical operations with the latest technology are now available with huge savings of up to 75 % in comparison with the UK or Europe.

    A wide range of certified and approved private health clinics and hospitals are available with very highly qualified and caring doctors.

    Health check ups are carried out with all modern medical equipment and with immediate in depth analysis for blood, instant X-Rays, MRI and CT scans and much more.

    No queuing, no referrals, medical services and urgent operations are available straight away.

    All analysis and recommendations will be printed and translated into English and given to you for your future reference.

    Large savings in cost and time – the very best care and treatments to some of the highest standards found anywhere in Europe and UK.

    Accepted with some medical insurances however, check with your provider.

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Services in U.K.
Welcome to our website which offers a full body check up with BIO-RESONANCE DIAGNOSTIC TECHNOLOGY which harmlessly scans your body in  real live time and provides you with an accurate analysis and program for recovery in only 40 minutes.

Book now for:  £165   £79

Why is a regular full body check up so important? Because many diseases don’t have symptoms which are easy to recognise, and there might be a serious problem that could be avoided if detected in good time.  Read more >>

It is safer from time to time to have a preventative health check to understand the current state of your health, as when you know about it you can help recover it and our Health Consultant will be able to give you recommendations after the health test.

Health Consultation

Every person can suffer from various health problems. In this case you will need a professional Health Consultation. An experienced Healthy Consultant will provide answers to all your questions. It is a solution to you and your family ...

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Private Doctor

If you are looking for health care service of the highest quality, a private doctor will be a good option for you. But also you can use our health services as we offer a high quality health testing and natural solution to your health problems ...

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Alternative Therapist

Some people consider an alternative therapist is not really effective when it comes to different health problems. But at the same time an alternative therapist has already proved to be very efficient when it comes to different kinds of diseases ...

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Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine consists of a wide range of health care practices, products, and therapies. Alternative medicine practices and therapies may be classified by their cultural origins or by the types of beliefs upon which they are based ...
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