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    Welcome to our website which offers a full body check-up with BIO-RESONANCE DIAGNOSTIC TECHNOLOGY which harmlessly scans your body in real live time and provides you with an accurate analysis and program for recovery in only 40 minutes.

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    Why is a regular full body check-up so important? Because many diseases don’t have symptoms which are easy to recognise, and there might be a serious problem that could be avoided if detected in good time.

    It is safer from time to time to have a preventative health check to understand the current state of your health, as when you know about it you can help recover it and our Health Consultant will be able to give you recommendations after the health test.

Philosophy of Health

Doing a detox program at least two times a year will give our spirit a boost of energy. We immediately start feeling relieved and get rid of the majority of symptoms. It results in loosing extra weight as well as improving of our digestive system.

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Video about diagnostic

A full body checkup with the latest diagnostic technology. Oberon device is designed for scanning the human body. It operates on the Bio-Resonance principle, which has been in common use throughout the Eastern Block, China, Europe, USA for more than 8 years, and now in the UK. It determines tha causes of any potential and existing diseases with great accuracy.

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Subclinical infections

Infection diseases can do a lot of harm to our health. At the same time there is another very unpleasant side effect of such health problem…

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Types of headache

A headache (also known as cephalalgia) is one of the most common medical problems: you can hardly find a person who has never had a headache...

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Non-specific symptoms

Different symptoms make it possible to characterize different diseases. They can be described as certain unpleasant feelings…

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Prevention of stroke

Stroke is among one of the most dangerous emergencies which results in loss of brain function. This loss is caused by inappropriate blood supply…

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Body Check-up

Full Body Check-up

A Full Body Check-up is a perfect chance to receive a comprehensive assessment of your health condition and status. Modern and innovative equipment is used while providing a Full Body Check-up. It includes checking all systems of your organism in order to determine any kind of possible health problems.

A Body Check-up may include different packages. Patients are able to choose the most appropriate option according to their needs and demands. A Body Check-up is provided by experienced specialists who proceed with the most thorough check with the help of modern medical equipment.

Private Doctor

If you are looking for health care service of the highest quality, a private doctor will be the best bet for you. You will benefit from several important advantages. Every private doctor is well trained and has necessary experience for providing decent health care.

Alternative Therapist

Some people consider an alternative therapist is not really effective when it comes to different health problems. At the same time an alternative therapist has already proved to be very efficient when it comes to different kinds of diseases. They will provide you with the necessary help.

When regular medication is not able to help you get rid of any kind of disease, alternative therapy will certainly come in hand. It has its pros and cons. However millions of patients has already benefited from alternative therapy.

Alternative Medicine

According to statistics every third person in the world turns to alternative medicine when regular medication is of no use. This is due to the fact that alternative medicine can offer new and more efficient ways of treatment.

Body Check-up Bournemouth

Body Check-up Bournemouth is able to offer exceptional medication and health care. You will be able to receive useful consultations. Body Check-up Bournemouth will make it possible for you to keep fit and stay in good shape.

Health Scan

Health Scan is a company which helps to reveal most health problems. It uses modern medical equipment which harmlessly checks every part of your body, to help provide the most accurate results.

Health Check-up

If you always want to be in a good shape, a regular Health Check-up is necessary. You should be always well-aware of possible health problems which can occur. Professional health care providers will proceed with the most thorough Health Check-up.

Health Consultation

Every person can suffer from various health problems. In this case you will need a professional Health Consultation. Experienced health care providers will be able to answer all your questions.

Oberon diagnostic technology

Competition in this sphere of diagnostic technology is strong. At the same time there are experienced leaders in this field who are able to provide high quality equipment. Oberon diagnostic technology has already proven to be amongst the best. Oberon diagnostic technology will help identify major diseases and health problems.

Bio-Resonance Diagnostic Technology

In a situation that you need to know the most precise and accurate information about your organism, Bio-Resonance Diagnostic Technology will be the best option. Bio-Resonance Diagnostic Technology will certainly become a vital breakthrough for further development of health care services in the future.


Oberon (exactly the same technique as Physiospect) is a special scanning device that is used by professional therapists. This is one of the most efficient scanning tools which is able to determine different diseases and health problems. These devices can not only be used for scanning your body, but also the main systems of your organism. It has already been proven 82% accurate.