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    Welcome to our website which offers a full body check-up with BIO-RESONANCE DIAGNOSTIC TECHNOLOGY which harmlessly scans your body in real live time and provides you with an accurate analysis and program for recovery in only 40 minutes.

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    Why is a regular full body check-up so important? Because many diseases don’t have symptoms which are easy to recognise, and there might be a serious problem that could be avoided if detected in good time.

    It is safer from time to time to have a preventative health check to understand the current state of your health, as when you know about it you can help recover it and our Health Consultant will be able to give you recommendations after the health test.

    * Offer last until 31 of July 2014 - (ussual price £165)

Philosophy of Health

Twice a year we need to do a detox program. After this program we will feel immediate relief in our whole body, with new energy, and many of the symptoms will disappear. Our weight will reduce and our digestive system will work perfectly.

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Video about diagnostic

A full body checkup with the latest diagnostic technology. Oberon device is designed for scanning the human body. It operates on the Bio-Resonance principle, which has been in common use throughout the Eastern Block, China, Europe, USA for more than 8 years, and now in the UK. It determines tha causes of any potential and existing diseases with great accuracy.

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